Bulky Wool Yarn


Un-spun, Icelandic style yarn is a wonderfully soft and bulky wool yarn.

Hands-on learning such as knitting, teaches children and beginners to slow down and appreciate the time it takes to make things of quality.  They gain confidence through the process of creating! and this rustic Bulky Wool Yarn knits up fast, grips the needles well and is especially nice for any project that will be felted after knitting.  Mittens turn out CHUNKY and warm! *see photo.

*Catalog Numbers by color in drop-down menu*

No chemical treatment of wool– Grey and Natural are undyed. 100% wool from Bartlett.
Size 10 needles or larger is recommended.  Here is a link for them:  https://www.waldorfsupplies.com/shop/single-point-knitting-needles/
Skeins are 4 ounces- 80 yards.
10 colors 3.5 stitches/in. #10 needles

**PRO TIP … This yarn is loosely spun making it ideal for wet felting!  Great for  adding linear designs or definition to your wet felting project.
Made in the USA

Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 3.75 × 3.75 in

KYN natural, KYDRG drk grey, KYDBR drk brown, KYGR lt grey, KYP rose, KYPH purple, KYCR cranberry, KYB blue, KYG Spruce, KYGH garnet heather, KYBLK black, KYBB blueberry, KYBR bracken

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