The Paper Scissors Stone Team

Paper Scissors Stone is run by a team of five women:

Philothea, Christine, Sidney, Lydia and Lynn. We share in the management, decision-making and hands-on work around the warehouse. If you call, either Sidney or Chris will answer; when you place an order, one of us will carefully pull, pack and ship your supplies! Because we are such a small team, we hold ourselves to a high standard. We take pride in our work and the care and support we give our customers, our community and each other.

Philothea is our Owner and number one cheerleader. Truly believing in the value, history and intention of this Business, Philothea purchased Paper Scissors Stone in 2018 to support and strengthen our vision and invest in the exceptional service we provide to the Waldorf community. With great entrepreneurial insight and enthusiasm, Philothea has been involved in many community projects over the years, including the conception and establishment of Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School. She remains involved in public projects and programs on the daily and embodies the friendship, care and hard work that is found in the heart of every thriving community.
Christine is our General Manager, in-house artist as well as Marketing and Product Development.  A lifelong artist, K-12 art teacher and former art supply business owner, Chris has years of experience using, teaching and researching art materials!  She manages our social media and is learning to filter her knowledge of art through a Waldorf lens.  “I discovered Waldorf a bit later in life, (2013) when I started teaching art at Youth Initiative, a Waldorf inspired high school and then my daughter attended 4 years at YIHS as well, What a magical journey it has been, I highly recommend it!”
Sidney is currently being forged by fire as our Warehouse Manager
in Training. Her calm demeaner makes starting a complex new job
during Back to School time, our busiest time of the year seem like
a breeze!
Attending a Waldorf school in Wisconsin for 5 years, Sidney has
wonderful memories participating in the Pentathalon and acting
in the yearly plays.

Today Sidney is an avid knitter and enjoys spinning her own yarn. 
Lydia is our seasonal Warehouse Assistant who helps us out with our
back to school orders. An artist and musician, she is often overheard
singing while she works. “I had a largely transformative experience
going to a Waldorf based high school and will forever look back
fondly on my time there.”
River Dog is never far from Lydia and keeps us smiling with her
tape dispenser squeaky toy!
In Spring of 2022, Cindy retired as Operations & Warehouse Manager after
working for Paper Scissors Stone for over 20 years. Cindy truly kept this
business thriving and she is missed. Before starting at Paper Scissors Stone,
Cindy worked at Pleasant Ridge Waldorf Kindergarten, gaining awareness
around early childhood education and the value of art, nature and play in
child development. Cindy also ran a story-telling program at her local library
for several years. She now has her hands full visiting her grandchildren and
dyeing silk scarves exclusively for Paper Scissors Stone!

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