Kid’s 100% Wool Knitting Kit


Our Kid’s 100% Wool Knitting Kit has everything you need to start knitting bouncy beanbags to a rolled-edge sweater right away!

Think you’re too young? Think you’re too old? Kids of all ages have learned how to knit these easy and fun projects.  You will love the quality materials, the straight forward language, step by step instructions, and brightly colored illustrations.  Beginners learn the basics, including finger knitting, casting on and binding off, the knit, the purl, and stockinette stitches, knitting in the round, and shaping.

Knitting for yourself is exciting and so is knitting for others! With this Kid’s 100% Wool Knitting Kit you will learn all you need to know to make your own wool hats, scarves and sweaters, plus other fun stuff like dolls, bean bags, socks, a purse and even a backpack.

Kit contains:
*Book: – #B19 – Kids Knitting Book by Melanie Falick  includes 12 knitting projects plus related activities like dying yarn with cool-aid and making felt balls.  There are also special features about the animals and plants whose fiber is used to make yarn.  How that fiber is turned into yarn and knitting in different parts of the world.
*Yarn: – #HSeries – 3 skeins of Highland 2 ply Worsted Weight 100% wool yarn.   We will choose colors for you, warm, cool, primary, earthy, give us a hint in the customer notes at checkout! or you may choose yourself (see below)
*Knitting Needles: – #BCR7 – Circular size 7, -#BKN7 -Straight size 7, – #BDP7 -Double Pointed size 7
*Darning Needles: – #3160
*Scissors: – #FKSS – Child Scissors – not shown
*Tape Measure: – #MTape – Retractable cloth tape measure – not shown

***To choose the 3 yarn colors you want (in photo, L to R:  Melon H65, Goldenrod H61, Grass H83) 3 ways to do this: add color codes to Customer Notes at checkout, Email us at orders@waldorfsupplies.com or Call and talk to a person 608-637-7686, if you leave a message, please also email us.

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 in
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