Our founder, Annette, had a love and appreciation for Waldorf education and the dedicated teachers, parents and communities that nurture and support Waldorf schools. In 1996, as an entrepreneur and Waldorf mother of five, Annette developed this mission for a business:

To aid in the teaching of the arts of painting, drawing, handwork and creative play by providing instruction, materials, and resources, in harmony with Waldorf education.

To provide the best possible products and services, in the most socially conscious, economical, and personal way, to teachers and parents working out of the Waldorf School philosophy and curriculum.

To work toward the development and implementation of associative economic principles in our business practices.

With the passing of our beloved founder in 2016, the new owner of Paper Scissors Stone, Philothea, continues the commitment to strive toward the original vision and mission established over twenty years ago. What we celebrate at Paper Scissors Stone are the values that come with Waldorf education, how this is reflected in the materials themselves, and how these values bleed into our lives outside of the classroom, whether at school or in the home. We sincerely love our products, and we strive to continue our own education at Paper Scissors Stone every day: we roll wool, we pack paint, we cut felt and dye silk, and best of all, we play with our products, challenging ourselves to explore the sense of wonder that comes with creating colorful things with beautiful supplies. Annette treasured the opportunity to learn with her children. In her own words, “The more I enter into painting and wax modeling and knitting and coloring and playing music and playing with silk – the more I understand the value of the education of my children. When I try to bring beauty and truth and reverence into our home, I give a gift, and I also receive the gift of my own education.”

Paper Scissors Stone promotes quality, American and locally made supplies, values our employees and community, and offers the most environmentally sound products we can find. In 1996, Paper Scissors Stone sent out its first catalog, with a small, yet thoughtfully curated selection of beautiful, high-quality items that fit into the Waldorf home and classroom and introduced new, American-made alternatives to Waldorf staples such as paint, paintbrushes, crayons and main lesson books. 

Since then many things have changed; more items have been added and our catalog is now this online store. We’ve seen the Waldorf movement expand to include the ever-growing Waldorf Charter schools and Waldorf homeschooling community. 

Our warehouse and store is located in the small town of Viroqua, Wisconsin, nestled into the rolling hills of the driftless region. We are just one block from the main-street business district and two blocks from Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School and Youth Initiative High School. All of our employees have been involved with Waldorf as students, teachers and parents. 

Paper Scissors Stone, although small, has a huge heart. We care about what we are here to do, and we care about how we came to be. We value our roots being firmly secured in the Waldorf community, in the schools that inspired our founder to form this business, to the community that helped build and support its vision, and to the people along the way that took the hand we offered and expanded our network outward. We share in decision-making and prioritize the well-being of our employees. We consider all of YOU – teachers, parents, artists, crafters and suppliers – in the choices we have to make as a small business in the ever-changing economic climate. We strive for fair prices and shipping rates, to be responsive to your inquiries and concerns, and to use the twenty-plus years of experience and understanding this business has to support you in your journey in education and play.  

We welcome all comments and feedback. 

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