Wool Knitting & Crochet Supplies

With Paper Scissors Stone’s wool yarn, cross-stitch, and knitting tools and supplies, you have everything you need to teach your children valuable art forms that foster motor skills, patience, and creativity through hands-on learning. Our handwork supplies were hand-picked to include the necessary knitting, sewing, and crocheting materials in every Waldorf grade. Our rustic Islandic wool yarn knits up fast, grips the needles well, and is especially nice for any project that will be felted after knitting. Additionally, our Waldorf wool yarn, cross-stitch, and knitting tools and supplies are made from safe and durable materials. There is no chemical treatment of the wool, and you won’t find a nicer knitting needle than real bamboo. Bamboo is very flexible, making these needles hard to break, and they’re highly polished so that their smooth finish does not splinter or catch on the yarn.

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