Ukrainian Egg Dye Kit


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This Ukrainian Egg kit contains 6 dyes (yellow, orange, scarlet, light blue, light green, black), beeswax, 1 medium traditional kitska, 21 designs and instructions.
“For many years I have enjoyed the art and craft of making Panski (Ukrainian eggs). When my children were young I would spend the evenings during Lent drawing on, waxing on and dying eggs. As each child became old enough to handle the tools they would join me. It’s a wonderful meditative process that requires attention to detail and humility!”
The process is very geometric, involving detailed form drawing on an ovoid (egg). Start by pencil drawing the divisions of the egg and adding detail. Go over your design with beeswax melted in your kiska, dye the egg in your first color, add more wax and dye again, continuing until the egg is finished.

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