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  • Kid’s Guide To Decorating Ukrainian Eggs


    Kid’s Guide To Decorating Ukrainian Eggs


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    by Natalie Perchyshyn
    Catalog Number BKID – 48 page book
    A great book for beginners of all ages. Step-by-step directions for creating different Ukraininan Egg designs.

  • Ukrainian Egg Dye Kit


    Ukrainian Egg Dye Kit


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    Catalog number KIT2
    Contains 6 dyes (yellow, orange, scarlet, light blue, light green, black), beeswax, 1 medium traditional kitska, 21 designs and instructions.
    For many years I have enjoyed the art and craft of making Panski (Ukrainian eggs). When my children were young I would spend the evenings during Lent drawing on, waxing on and dying eggs. As each child became old enough to handle the tools they would join me. It’s a wonderful meditative process that requires attention to detail and humility!
    The process is very geometric, involving detailed form drawing on an ovoid (egg). Start by pencil drawing the divisions of the egg and adding detail. Go over your design with beeswax melted in your kiska, dye the egg in your first color, add more wax and dye again, continuing until the egg is finished.

  • Ukrainian Egg Dyes


    Ukrainian Egg Dyes


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    Made in the USA
    Catalog number DYE plus color code
    Although these dyes are non-toxic (avoid breathing the powder), they are not food-safe and should not be eaten. Choose color from drop down list

  • Ukrainian Egg Design Book #3


    Ukrainian Egg Design Book #3


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    by Natalie Perchyshyn
    Catalog Number BDES3 – Softbound
    Our owner Annette’s personal favorite design book with 24 traditional designs and step-by-step directions.

  • Ukrainian Kistka


    Ukrainian Kistka


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    Traditional wooden handled wax application tool with copper funnel.
    Fine…catalog number KT01
    Medium…catalog number KT02
    Heavy…catalog number KT03

  • Swedish Straw


    Swedish Straw


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    Catalog Number S35204
    Straw for making stars, angels and other Harvest and Christmas decorations. 8 inch long straws, approximately 100 straws in each pack. Flax straw. For ideas refer to “Crafts Through the Year” book sold on our book list page.

  • Kite Paper

    kite paper

    Kite Paper


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    Block of 99 little square sheets in 11 colors white, red, pink, orange, lime, golden, lemon yellow, purple, green, brown, blue
    6.25 inches X 6.25 inches.
    Catalog number S35930
    A very unique paper used for window stars and transparencies. Heavier and crisper than tissue paper and more light fast.

  • Construction Paper

    construction paper

    Construction Paper


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    Made In The USA
    9 X 12 inches colors: orange, yellow, green, pink, light blue, dark blue, brown, white, black, red.
    Catalog number CPA912
    High quality construction paper. 50 sheets 10 assorted colors in each pack.

  • Kid Scissors


    Kid Scissors


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    Catalog Number FKSS
    Great scissors for children either right or left handed. Pointed for good cutting, but not too sharp. 5 inch size. assorted colors.

  • Copper Foil


    Copper Foil


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    12 inches X 3 foot roll of 36 gauge copper tooling foil.
    Catalog number CF363…$17.00
    12 inches X 10 foot roll of 36 gauge copper tooling foil.
    Catalog number CF36…$52.00
    Working with copper is a great activity for ages 10 and up. By pressing on either the back or the front with various tools a relief effect is created. Make a lantern by punching through the copper. A nice workable gauge that cuts with household scissors. The copper is very sharp, so tape the edges to avoid cuts.


  • Copper Tools


    Copper Tools


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    Set of 3 tools…catalog number CFT3…$3.50
    Punch…catalog number CFP1…$2.00

  • Speedball Starter Printing Kit


    Speedball Starter Printing Kit


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    Made in the USA – except Speedy Carve which is made in Spain.
    Catalog Number SB3471S
    This is the ideal kit for the beginner. Features all the essentials to get stared in block printing: 1.25oz. Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink (Black); 4” Pop-In Soft Rubber Brayer; Lino Handle (Red); #1, #2, and #5 Lino Cutters; 4”x6” Speedy-Carve™ Block and Block Printing Instruction

  • Speedball Deluxe Printing Kit


    Speedball Deluxe Printing Kit


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    Made In The USA Except Pink Speedy Carve Made In Spain
    Catalog Number SB3472
    Everything you need to learn the process of Block Printing. Kit includes a 4″X5″ lino block, 4″X6″ pink stamp (great for beginners and it can be cut into smaller stamps), cutting handle with 5 different cutters (store the blades in the nifty handle).A lso included are 4 water soluble inks: red, blue, yellow and black plus a tube of extender for making transparent colors, 4″ brayer for applying ink, metal bench hook/ink plate and simple instruction book. Highly recommended for ages 12 and up!

  • Speedball Block Printing Ink


    Speedball Block Printing Ink


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    Made In The USA
    Catalog Number SB35-followed by color code
    Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, Turquoise, Magenta-
    The best ink for block and stamp printing. 2.5 ounce tubes. Easy to clean-up with water.
    Non-toxic and gluten free.

  • Speedball Printing Blocks


    Speedball Printing Blocks


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    Speedball Linoleum Blocks- Made In The USA
    Fine, flat surface without gaps or hollows. Blocks will not warp, crack, dry out or peel.
    4”X6” SB4308 …$3.25
    5”X7” SB4309 …$4.25
    Speedy-Carve Blocks- Made in Spain
    Pink eraser-like material that is easier to carve than linoleum and can be cut into smaller pieces. Flexible, will not crack, latex- free.
    Both sizes out of stock
    4″X6″ SB4110 …$6.05
    6”X12” SB4118 …$15.95

  • Speedball Printing Supplies


    Speedball Printing Supplies


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    All Made In The USA
    Speedball Linoleum Cutters
    Catalog Number…SB4132…$19.95cutters are out of stock
    Box contains two handles and six cutters. Cutters are conveniently stored in the handle.
    Soft Rubber Brayer
    Catalog Number…SB4117…$15.50
    A four inch roller that can be removed from the handle for easy cleaning. Durable plastic comfort grip handle.