Stone Watercolor Paint Full 1oz Assortment


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Made In The USA

Since 1998 we have offered this delightful,  true artist quality watercolor paint under our own label.

We have long admired this superior paint for its purity of color, which enables one to create beautiful transparent washes and secondary colors.  Excellent light-fast ratings so your paintings will retain their original color and stay vibrant for many years to come!

Full 1 oz Assortment: one of each color…catalog number SPP66…$49.95

1 oz equals 28.4 ml 

Note: Our Stone paint colors are extremely concentrated and need to be diluted 10 parts to 1 prior to use.  To create true red, blue, or yellow mix the warm and cool of each those colors.  For example, Red Rose and Vermilion make true red, a great exercise in itself.

NON-TOXIC Conforms to ASTM D-4236Non-toxic School Supplies - Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas

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