Waldorf Watercolor Painting Supplies

There are many ways to paint, but adding wet paint to wet watercolor paper is a dreamy, mostly formless painting method that allows the painter—of literally any age!—to fully experience the nature of color. Our Waldorf watercolor painting supplies are made from artist-quality materials and are designed to last! Since 1998, we have offered ‘STONE’  watercolor paint—the artist-quality watercolor paint under our own label. STONE is our solution to ‘Made in the USA,’ upholding our commitment to quality while providing the best price by sourcing closer to home. With STONE, create beautiful transparent Waldorf veil painting washes and secondary colors that will retain their vibrancy for many years to come!

Browse our curated collection of Waldorf watercolor painting supplies to find natural hair watercolor brushes, STONE watercolor paint, Wooden painting boards, a selection of watercolor paper, and much more.

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