Stone – Natural Hair Watercolor Brushes -Flats


Paper Scissors Stone Natural Hair Watercolor Brushes

High quality watercolor brushes made to our specifications by a family-owned paintbrush manufacturer.
A fine blend of natural hair fibers is encased in seamless nickel ferrules on lovely baked enamel wooden handles. The one inch brush is 9.5 inches long.

*Choose from the drop down menu for sizes:

1 inch flat…catalog number OPB12…$9.95
3/4 inch flat…catalog number OPB9…$9.35
1/2 inch flat…catalog number OPB6…$7.95
1/4 inch flat…catalog number OPB3…$6.50
ASSORTMENT – one of each- 4 brushes….OPBAssort…$33.00

Made in the USA

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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