Prang Dustless Chalkboard Chalk


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Dustless blackboard chalk in Assorted colors, White & Yellow.  $1.25

Our chalk is free of foreign materials to create a super smooth writing and drawing experience. Hygieia Chalk is made from 95% calcium carbonate and special non-toxic mineral cohesion agents to ensure clean, dust-free use.  Easily removed to keep your chalkboard looking new and ready for the next task.

  • 12 sticks/box
  • Dustless, extruded chalk is stronger, reducing breakage
  • Made from 95 percent pure calcium carbonate
  • Smooth on boards and erases cleanly with no ghosting
  • AP Non-Toxic Certified. Non-toxic School Supplies - Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas
  • Standard cylindrical design fits most chalk holders.
Catalogue number X61400…Prang Hygeia chalk in ASSORTED COLORS contain 2 each of 6 colors.  Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Purple.
Catalogue number X31White…Prang Hygieia chalk in WHITE color offers clean, maximum visibility and bold contrast on Black blackboards.

Catalogue number X31Yellow…Prang Hygieia chalk in YELLOW for sketches and outlines adds a warm glow to your drawings.




Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2.5 × 1 in

White, Yellow, Assorted

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