Prang Dustless Chalkboard Chalk


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Dustless blackboard chalk in Assorted colors, White & Yellow.  $1.25

Our chalk is free of foreign materials to create a super smooth writing and drawing experience. Hygieia Chalk is made from 95% calcium carbonate and special non-toxic mineral cohesion agents to ensure clean, dust-free use.  Easily removed to keep your chalkboard looking new and ready for the next task.

  • 12 sticks/box
  • Dustless, extruded chalk is stronger, reducing breakage
  • Made from 95 percent pure calcium carbonate
  • Smooth on boards and erases cleanly with no ghosting
  • AP Non-Toxic Certified. Non-toxic School Supplies - Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas
  • Standard cylindrical design fits most chalk holders.
Catalogue # X61400…Prang Hygeia chalk in ASSORTED COLORS contain 2 each of 6 colors.  Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Purple.
Catalogue # X31White…Prang Hygieia chalk in WHITE color offers clean, maximum visibility and bold contrast on Black blackboards. Backordered until 3/19/24

Catalogue # X31Yellow…Prang Hygieia chalk in YELLOW for sketches and outlines adds a warm glow to your drawings. Backordered until 4/19/24




Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2.5 × 1 in

White, Yellow, Assorted

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