Prang Ambrite Blackboard Drawing Chalk -12 Assorted Colors


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Favored by Waldorf  teachers for their blackboard drawings.

The intensely rich colors of Prang Ambrite Colored Chalk are free of foreign materials to create a smooth drawing experience on paper or blackboards. Colors blend and burnish easily with less dust, mix with Prang Hygieia white chalk to make pastel tints. This chalk can be flaked into water for brilliant unique paper marbling effects, or draw bold colors on wet paper for other unique effects. This chalk is AP certified non-toxic.

  • Blend and burnish easily for wide array of colors
  • Flake into water for unique marbling effect
  • Colors Included: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, Red Orange, Yellow Green, Red Violet, White, Brown and Black
  • AP certified non-toxicNon-toxic School Supplies - Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas

Catalogue number…X50312


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