Stories Of The Saints – by Siegwart Knijpenga


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An invaluable treasury of stories about devotion, self-sacrifice and faith.

Siegwart Knijpenga tells these stories specifically to the seven through eleven-year-old child, covering a wide range of saints from many times and lands. Ideal for home or school use. Included are the stories of St. Francis, St. Christopher, Sts. Bridget, Columbia, Giles, Benedict, George, Martin, the real St. Nicholas, Joan of Arc and the Evangelists: Luke and John, as well as many others.
Siegwart Knijpenga is a priest working in Amsterdam. This book grew out of his many years’ experience of giving religious lessons to children. Many black and white illustrations.

retold by Siegwart Knijpenga
translated from Dutch by Tony Langham and Plym Peters
Catalog Number B63 – Softbound 224 pages

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