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Jo Kunath, one of Germany’s most renowned wooden recorder makers, has developed these beautiful instruments in cooperation with Waldorf teachers.

The body and the head of both the pentatonic and soprano recorders are designed to be interchangeable. They are all made out of pear-wood.
The pentatonic recorder is most appropriate for the first through third grade child, however, as an adult learner, it is also the one I started with. The pentatonic scale sounds lovely no matter which notes are played! The range is: d”, e”, g”, a”, b”, d””, e”‘. Recorder comes in a simple canvas bag with a swab stick for removing excess moisture and cork wax for use ONLY on the cork strip between the head and the body. With a little care, this instrument can be played and enjoyed for generations! 440 Hz, baroque fingering.
All Kunath products are made in Germany and have a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Catalog Number JK50080

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