Magical Wool Felting Kit -Bright Roving


A Magical Wool Felting Kit that contains everything your need to make standing mermaids and fairies to suit every season.

Celebrating the seasons with beautiful wool Fairies and bits of found nature has long been part of many people’s cultures and each season brings lots of inspiration for this creative work! Explore how color alone lets us know the season your Fairy belongs to! Yellows and Oranges for Summer Fairies and Cool Blues and White for Winter Fairies.  Plenty of finished examples and clear directions will have you creating in no time.

The idea of a seasonal table was developed in Steiner-Waldorf Education to celebrate the joy of Nature, even indoors.  Seasonal nature tables are the perfect place to display the standing figures in this Magical Wool Felting Kit.  To learn more about seasonal tables, see the book, The Nature Corner, by M.V. Leeuwen and J. Moeskops. https://www.waldorfsupplies.com/shop/the-nature-corner/

Kit contains:
*Book:  – #B92 – Magic Wool Mermaids and Fairies – How to Make Seasonal Standing Figures, by Christine Schafer -Softbound, 104 pages.
-This inspiring book includes clear step-by-step instructions, colour photographs and diagrams for more than twenty standing figures, created using a combination of winding and needle felting.  the projects range from simple figures to more elaborate designs for experienced crafters.
*Foam Felting pad –#FP66 – 6×6
*Wool Roving  -#WRA -in 16 assorted bright colors.  4 oz blend of Merino Fibers.
*Rolaag Roving – #RWRW1 – 1 oz. This is a medium-fine wool, perfect for wrapping and “gripping”
*Top Roving – #RWTop1 – 1 oz. white for hair and wings
*Skin Tone Roving asst. -#WRES1 – 1 oz assorted skin tone colors – not shown
*Felting Needles – #NASST1 -4 asst – one of each size
*Chenille Stems #CE711 – 100 stems for armatures – not shown

Catalog #KitRB

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 in
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