Peerless Watercolors – Travel Pallette and Color Guide


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Nicholson’s Peerless Transparent Watercolors are a transparent, self-blending, dry watercolor pigment.

First developed in 1885, this watercolor pigment is still sold in the same unique form. Each color comes on a 2″ X 6″ saturated dry “film”. The user can dissolve the pigment by putting small pieces from the film in a palette and adding water, or by pulling the pigment directing from the film using a wet paintbrush. Beautiful colors, user friendly, and great for traveling!
Travel Palette and Color Guide
All 79 colors are listed in color order on rigid white pages. 6 clear acetate pages are included to keep the wet colors from smearing when you put your pages away after painting. Each page is loose to allow easy sorting on your work space and then bound tightly with a metal clip when you are ready to pack up. Purchase the Travel Palette and Color Guide empty or full.

Comes in original antique booklet
Works great with Niji Waterbrushes.

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