Peerless Watercolor Bonus Paks


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Watercolors on the go!

Nicholson’s Peerless Transparent Watercolors are a transparent, self-blending, dry watercolor pigment. First developed in 1885, this watercolor pigment is still sold in the same unique form. Each color comes on a  saturated dry “film”. The user can dissolve the pigment by putting small pieces from the film in a palette and adding water, or by pulling the pigment directing from the film using a wet paintbrush or Niji Waterbrush.  Beautiful colors, user friendly, and great for traveling!
The Small Bonus Pak was developed in the year 1994 when the stamping and scrapbooking craze began to develop. The smaller artistic canvas of cards and scrapbook pages lent itself to a smaller, more affordable set of colors. The small Bonus Pak was created in order to allow artisans the ability to buy all 40 colors at an affordable rate while still having plenty of color to last them many years. The 40 colors are packaged together in a clear sleeve. They are the same colors as packaged in the Large Bonus Pak, but completely different than the colors included in the Complete Edition. Each DrySheet in the Bonus Pak is approximately 2×2″. The water brush in the photo is not included.  The Empty Travel Pak sold separately helps keep your colors organized.

The Large Bonus Pak original size sheets 2×6 sheet size- 40 colors

Made in USA

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