Peerless Transparent Watercolors Autumn Chiu Palette


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Made in USA
Catalog Number P035 Autumn Chiu Palette
Artist Autumn Chiu has hand selected this beautiful assortment of paints. This bright, complimentary palette is composed of 30 2″x2″ colors sheets with the name of each color printed on the back. This beautiful selection includes the following colors: Yellow Ochre
Flaxen Hair, Daffodil, Deep Yellow, Japonica Scarlet, Nectar, Tea Rose Pink, Blood Red, Royal Crimson, Rose Red, Garnet, Magenta, Mixed Berry, Wisteria Violet, Heliotrope, Jane’s Grey, Deep Blue, Cobalt, Sky Blue, Forget-Me-Not Blue, Larkspur, Robins Egg, Mountain Green, Hunter’s Green, Olive Green, Bismark Brown, Sepia Brown, Pearl Grey, Spotting Black Opaque, Lamp Black

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