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These complete kits offer everything necessary to paint faces! Easy on, easy off colors are vivid, nontoxic, and long-lasting. Boxed 8-color kit contains 2ml colors in white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple, with a brush, sponge, and a very helpful 16-page face painting guide. Paints up to 50 faces.
Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and are fragrance free.
Non-Toxic, Made in the UK to EU toy and cosmetic standards.
Catalog number F11800

Price: $ 18.50


A Child’s Seasonal Treasury was conceived as a Waldorf-inspired resource book for parents and teachers of young children. Throughout the seasons, songs, verses, poems, riddles, finger-plays, games, creative drama and movement, watercolor painting, handcrafts, healthy recipes and gratitude for life that rekindles a sense of wonder are keynotes of this Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book (Nov. 1997, Vol 28, Number 8) This newly published edition has been up-dated with more writing and all illustrations by the author, a conversion chart for the recipes to "translate" world-wide, and the promise that at home or at school, this book will bring joy into the process of learning, both for children and for the adults who are involved with them on a daily basis. We are thrilled this book is back in print! Softbound 139 pages.
Catalog number B9914

Price: $ 35.00


Straw for making stars, angels and other Harvest and Christmas decorations. 8 inch long straws, aproximently 100 straws in each pack. For ideas refer to "Crafts Thorugh the Year" book sold on our book list page.
Swedish Straw Catalog number S35204
Back in Stock!

Price: $ 3.75


Block of 100 little square sheets in a holiday assortment of white, yellow, red, green, blue. Great size for window stars or origami.
6.25 inches X 6.25 inches.
Catalog number SCH35

Price: $ 7.50


24 sheets (48 pages) of 70 Pound, high quality white drawing paper with an 80 Pound colorful front cover and a heavy cardboard back cover. 30% post-consumer recycled paper, made in Wisconsin. Just like our larger size spiral books, in a new 9 X 12 size.
Blue...catalog number SB912B
Green...catalog number SB912G
Golden...catalog number SB912O
Purple...catalog number SB912P
Teal...catalog number SB912T
Red...catalog number SB912R
Yellow...catalog number SB912Y

Price: $ 3.95


Kit Includes: Four 4-inch thick felt squares (100% real wool), 13 colors of roving wool, felting needles, foam pad and instruction booklet The perfect introduction to needle felting! Very satisfying and easy to do, simply poke colorful roving wool into the square canvas with a felting needle to paint four pictures of anything you can imagine! No glue or sewing required. Turn the box into a mailbox, birdhouse or special treasure box. The inner tray is perfect for framing your art.
Catalog Number ART09

Price: $ 22.00


This beautiful board book puts baby girls from around the world in the spotlight, celebrating their strength, diversity, and potential. From Peru to China, Russia to Mali, captivating photographs of baby girls share a simple, yet powerful message: no matter where they are born, baby girls can grow up to change the world.
By purchasing Global Fund for Children titles, you make a difference in the lives of children worldwide. A portion of all sales goes to support GFC’s work with vulnerable children and grassroots organizations.
Catalog number B4399 Board Book

Price: $ 6.95


Board Book
Beautiful photos of babies from seventeen cultures around the globe are woven together by a simple narrative. Diverse settings show specific differences in clothing, daily life and traditions, as well as demonstrate that babies around the world are nurtured by love, caring, and the joy that surrounds them!
By purchasing Global Fund for Children titles, you make a difference in the lives of children worldwide. A portion of all sales goes to support GFC’s work with vulnerable children and grassroots organizations.
Catalog number B1748 Board Book

Price: $ 6.95


edited by David Kennedy

Celebrate and honor our furred, feathered, and finned friends with the world’s largest collection of animal poetry ever published. The Waldorf Book of Animal Poetry brings the animals of the forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, rivers, seas, and even your own backyard to life on every page.
An essential companion for teachers at every level from kindergarten to college. Parents, children, and animal lovers alike will discover old favorites, make new friends, and revel in over 425 animal poems by classic and modern authors. This book makes a great companion to David’s first collection, “The Waldorf Book of Poetry” and is arranged in a similar format with the addition of wonderful black and white illustrations.
Softbound 384 pages including comprehensive index.
Catalog number B0520

Price: $ 25.00


By Padraic Colum Illustrated by Willy Pogany
This is an Irish wonder tale: a coming of age story of the youngest son of the King of Ireland who sets off on an impossible quest. This book weaves together stories within stories in a fantastic tapestry of humor, poetry, action and adventure. Perfect for reading aloud at bedtime. Generations of children have loved Padraic Colum's unmatched storytelling.
221 Pages Softbound with black and white drawings.
Catalog Number B5896

Price: $ 16.95


Made for us in Wisconsin from native hardwood and finished in urethane. Keeps 2" plastic or glass paint jars from tipping.Works with our plastic paint jar. Choose 3 or 6 holes.
3 holes...Catalog Number PJ3...$8.75
6 holes...Catalog Number PJ6...$14.50


A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
Illustrated and complied by Salley Mavor
"In Salley Mavor's unique collection of classic verse, every gorgeous page is a true work of art. This will be a book to be pored over again and again." This quote from the book jacket says it all! Illustrated with wool felt and embroidery by an accomplished fiber artist these timeless nursery rhymes come to life on each page.
65 Nursery Rhymes
Catalog Number B3740

Price: $ 21.00


A family builds a new home at the edge of a pine forest. The first time the children go to sleep in their new bedroom something magical happens. As the full moon shines on the beautiful new pinewood floors, walls, and ceiling, the children dream that out of a large pinewood knot climb seven little Knottles, who are the guardians of the pine trees. The Knottles sing and dance with the children.
When the children wake up in the morning, they are inspired to plant pine tree seedlings with their parents, and they promise to take good care of all their trees for evermore. A portion of the proceeds from this book supports the international charity www.A Million Trees.
Catalog number B62418

Price: $ 11.95


By Elsa Beskow
Emily is a helpful little girl, so when her mother is worried that Daisy the cow will escape into the clover field through a hole in the fence, she offers to go and look after Daisy for the day. On the way to the meadow, Emily meets three characters who become helpful later. Because, when she arrives in the meadow she realizes she needs help with Daisy! Whom can she turn to?
Young children will love following Emily through her day as unexpected, good things come her way.
Catalog Number B6496

Price: $ 17.95


By Elsa Beskow
Rosalind loves to play with her little deer in the shade of the lime tree. Then one day a hunter comes along with his dog and frightens the deer away. The poor little deer is captured by a king and kept in a golden cage, but it refuses to eat.
People come from far and wide, bringing delicious food for the king’s prized pet, but still the deer won’t eat. Then the hunter and his dog pass by and send a message back to Rosalind. Can Rosalind persuade the mighty king to part with his pet and set the little deer free once more?

This classic Elsa Beskow tale is published now for the first time in English. With its traditional fairy-tale charm and beautifully detailed illustrations, this is Elsa Beskow at her best.
Catalog number B7943

Price: $ 17.95


By Elsa Beskow
A mysterious orange egg has fallen into the woods. "It's a sun egg!" declares the elf who finds it nestled on the forest floor. Soon she and her friends find out what it really is, but not before the little elf goes off on one of the best adventures she has ever had.
Catalog number B6637

Price: $ 17.95


One Sun, two parents, three meals a day, four seasons, five fingers...every child soon discovers that many aspects of life have numbers attached to them. Just as five individual fingers become something more important and powerful when combined in a hand, these numbers are often much more than the simple addition of their parts; they are connected intrinsically to the object, expressing a particular quality.
In this readable little book, Wolfgang Held explores the fascinating qualities of numbers one to thirty-one.
141 pages
Catalog Number B86315

Price: $ 14.95


Wool roving also known as magic wool, is a warm, vibrant material that is perfect for making beautiful soft figures. Christine Schäfer includes detailed instructions on making fairies and angels for every occasion—flower fairies for a seasonal nature table; fairies for birthday celebrations; guardian angels to watch over a crib; and of course a range of Christmas angels.
Magic Wool Fairies includes step-by-step instructions with wonderful color photographs and diagrams that clearly show the reader the basics for making simple figures.103 pages
Catalog number B63158

Price: $ 19.95


These oil pastels are an excellent value for students and aspiring artists. They are very soft and creamy, with smooth color lay-down, good light-fastness and excellent opacity. Easy to blend with the fingers, they can be thinned if desired with oil. Non-toxic
Set of 12
Set of 24
Set of 36


Professional Type Kit suitable for all ages. This kit is a super way to get started with tie dyeing! You supply the shirts and everything else you need is here, including three pre-mixed colors of Procion MX dye—the undisputed king of tie dye. For use on cotton and other natural fabrics or clothing. Dyes up to 15 adult t-shirts and includes everything you need except the shirts:
Pre-measured Procion MX Dyes: red, blue, and yellow, 4 Squirt (mixing) bottles, 1/3 lb. Dye Fixer, Rubber gloves, Bunch of rubber bands, and a DVD showing multiple folding patterns.Full instructions.
Catalog number JAC932

Price: $ 29.95


Same size and quality as the Lyra Giant Ferby Graphite. Made in Germany.
Single Pencil ...Catalog Number... FTS500X ... $1.85
Box of Twelve ...Catalog number... FTS500 ....$19.50


Everything you need to learn the process of Block Printing. Kit includes a 4"X5" lino block, 4"X6" pink stamp (great for beginners and it can be cut into smaller stamps), cutting handle with 5 different cutters(store the blades in the nifty handle). Also included are 4 water soluble inks: red, blue, yellow and black plus a tube of extender for making transparent colors, 4" brayer for applying ink, metal bench hook/ink plate and simple instruction book. Highly recommended for ages 12 and up!
Catalog number SB3472

Price: $ 59.50


The best ink for block printing and stamp printing. 2.5 ounce tubes. Easy clean-up with water. Non-toxic and gluten free.
Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, Turquoise, Magenta.

Price: $ 6.95


Speedball Linoleum Blocks
Fine, flat surface without gaps or hollows. Blocks will not warp, crack, dry out or peel.
4”X5” SB4307 ...$2.95
4”X6” SB4308 ...$3.25
5”X7” SB4309 ...$4.25
Speedy-Carve Blocks
Pink eraser-like material that is easier to carve than linoleum and can be cut into smaller pieces. Flexible, will not crack, latex- free.
4”X6” SB4110 ...$5.95
6”X12” SB4118 ...$15.95
Speedball Linoleum Cutters
Box contains two handles and six cutters. Cutters conveniently store in the handle.
SB4132 …$19.95
Soft Rubber Brayer
A four inch roller that can be removed from the handle for easy cleaning. Durable plastic comfort grip handle.
SB4117 … $15.50
Block Printing Extender
A Clear medium for making inks more transparent. One ounce tube. Non-toxic and cleans up with water.
SB3449 … $4.25


Imported from Germany, these giant pencils are the same size as the Lyra Ferby Giants. Triangular barrel for a natural grip. Set of 8 in a plastic wallet, colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Warm Brown, Black.
Catalog number FTP006

Price: $ 14.50


Imported from Germany, these giant pencils are the same size as the Lyra Ferby Giants. Set of 12 in a plastic wallet, colors: Red, Vermillion, Orange, Yellow, Green, Apple Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Peach, Warm Brown, Dark Brown.
Catalog number FTP005

Price: $ 21.50


Single colors one pencil for $1.85
Catalog number FTS5-color number X
12 of one color in a cardboard box $ 19.50
Catalog number FTS5-color number Thirteen colors to choose from in drop down box.
Made in Germany

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